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Dear colleagues, Wed like to invite you to join our project, initiated by the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU), Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

1. General information.
Dnepropetrovsk region is one of the biggest industrial and agrarian regions in Ukraine with a lot of enterprises, universities, banks and SME-s. The National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine ( is a prestigious technical university, established in 1899. The Academy, though retaining the name Metallurgical, in fact is a technical university with about 50 Degree Programmes in engineering, economics and social sciences ( Our numerous graduates are employed at the majority of the metallurgical and machine-building enterprises of Ukraine at NIS, and also in other business sectors banks, corporations, plants, SME-s. At the University-University level our Academy is looking for cooperation with EU and world-wide partners in different spheres. There is a big economic department in our Academy and, in particular, we are interested in introducing the international standards in economics /business education to our curriculum. We have wide experience of cooperation with European and world-wide partners, including participation in TEMPUS programs. Now we work on a new project and we are looking for foreign partners that could participate in it. We assume that stock markets in Europe and Ukraine have very big differences and history. On the other side the studying of the ways of development of European stock market may be useful to forecast the future of Ukrainian stock market.

2. The main idea of the project.
Project title (a working variant) is: "International financial (investors') students club".
Goals of the project :
to help students and other private and institutional investors to evaluate and compare the state of a stock market and the situation on it in different countries;
to analyze and compare the possibilities of private and institutional investors in stock markets of different countries;
practical measures and scientific research with the participation of academic staff and practitioners on the stock capital market.
Cross-country comparative analyses
Background Over a year ago we have created a students financial (investor's) club at our university. Our services: Investment joint education programmes with Ukrainian Stock Exchange (, Seminars and round-table discussions in co-operation with brokers and investing companies.
The main form of our activity is the organization of special seminars and teaching a short course for beginners "The ABC of stock market and on-line trading". You can see the samples of this activity (photos and text in Russian) on We cooperate with Ukrainian Stock Exchange and with the professional participants of Ukrainian stock market (brokers and investment companies and others).

3. Project participants and partners
The main target groups and persons, who may be interested in such cooperation are the following ones:
University staff (may become Students financial club supervisors);
Students (members of Investors Clubs)
Investors Clubs or private investors associations
Independent stock market Researchers and Analysis groups
Professional stock market participants
Though at the moment there is no yet a completed form of the project with timing and funding we look for foreign partners in this area. Now we are in contact with some researchers in different countries (Romania, Czech Republic) who are ready to participate in the future project. It is also desirable to see among the participants of the project researchers and practitioners from the developed stock market.

4. Forms of cooperation within the project
Possible forms cooperation may be the following:
a) Joint working out of the special short courses Stock market for beginners for graduate, post graduate and adult students ;
b) Joint working out of risk management methods for private investors in Ukrainian Stock market;
c) Joint working out of the methods of evaluation of the "real" price of shares in Ukrainian Stock market;
d) Comparative analysis of different aspects of Ukrainian stock market versus stock markets in developed, emerging and frontier markets;
e) Assessment of the perspectives for private investors in Ukraine.
f) Other financial research and education projects for investors

5. Organizational steps
At the first step we need to create a team of project participants and fundraising. The possible sources of funding EU funds, governmental and private funds, stock exchanges and brokers companies assistance, other sources.
Thus we should sign bilateral or multilateral agreements about cooperation (Stock Exchange NMetAU - Other participants). Now we have an agreement about cooperation with Ukrainian Exchange and with certain Ukrainian brokers companies.
We would be grateful to you if you consider our proposition, send us your remarks and inform us about the possibilities of our cooperation.

Please send us an email for more information

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The ABC of the Stock Market and on-line trading



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